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40A23/E26/1890 120V 40 WATT 1890 CARBON FILAMENT A23 BULB E26 BASE - 40 Watt Clear A23 1890 Thomas Edison Replica Style Carbon Filament Light Bulb Medium (E26) Brass Base 120 Volt. 5-3/4" Maximum Overall Length, 2-3/4" Maximum Outer Diameter.   This large 1890 Thomas Edison light bulb replica provides light via a tall, single-loop carbon filament. As with all Carbon Filaments, the bulb provides a nice warm (soft) glow.

Did Thomas Edison invent the Light Bulb? Working Light Bulbs existed 70 years before Edison's bulbs but they were not bright enough, last long enough or were impractical to implement on a commercial basis due to enormous power requirements. Edison's bulbs took advantage of a superior filament design, superior vacuum construction and a high resistance bulb that did not take a lot of power to produce light. Along with the Light Bulb Edison included the Edison Jumbo Generator, Edison Main and Feeder, and the Edison Parallel Distribution System that allowed towns and cities to produce the infrastructure to support Electric Lights. Thank You Thomas!

Thomas Edison, Carbon Filament Bulbs

In addition to having a warm appearance that many people prefer Carbon Filament bulbs have the potential for longevity. A Firehouse in Livermore, California has a light bulb that has been burning for 107 years!


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